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Serving The Entire State Of Florida!

We are a completely mobile ADAS certified calibration company serving the entire state of Florida. We offer both static and dynamic calibration on-site. We provide you with a full report of the vehicle calibration. We are a business to business company that knows how valuable a clients time is.  No one wants to be stuck at the dealership all day, it's a huge inconvenience to the client and a cost to your company!!  With us, there's no down time and we can even arrange to calibrate the windshield as soon as your technician is done with his replacement, which is an added benefit for using our company!  We can calibrate most aftermarket glass. Most dealerships will not calibrate these windshields as they often do not meet OEM standards.  If a windshield does not calibrate for any reason we will submit the failed report to the insurance company which will then require them to to use an OEM replacement windshield and re-calibration. This will make sure you customer and their family are safe!

No downtime! We come to you!